Using Legal Recruitment Agencies to Springboard into your Career

It can be quite difficult for a law student to get their first job after graduation. That's why you should consider using law recruitment agencies to get work in an environment that will allow you to thrive. Such agencies have wide networks locally and globally.

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How recruitment agencies help

If you sign up with a recruitment agency, a consultant will write you an email or more likely, phone you to ascertain your skills and preferred placement. They will then email your CV to any organizations that are looking for candidates with the sort of experience that you have. They will also help you prepare for the interview since they understand what your potential employer is looking for. If the firm establishes that you are a good fit after an interview, they'll hire you. This is less taxing than sending random emails to different law firms in the hope of getting one with an opening. It is also better than walking door to door to personally deliver your resume.

Take advantage of social media

You can use social media platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin to find your first job. You could do this by joining in discussions on legal issues online. Not only will this showcase your knowledge, but employers will also be familiar with your name, and headhunters will be able to find you. Although social networks are the good channels for networking, using the medium can also be quite risky as some employers use social media to screen candidates. For that reason, ensure that your profile is always clean. Law agencies are looking for professionals to work for them so make sure information in your social media pages reflects that.

Take matters into your hands

If you are interested in working in a certain law firm, contact interns who are currently working there. They will provide you with helpful advice on what the company is looking for, and the person who is in charge of hiring. You could also speak with students who interned with companies you'd like to work for to see if they'd be willing to recommend you. Other useful tips include:

Take your curriculum vitae to your university's career center to have them look it over before you email it to organizations.

Print simple business cards to supply to potential employers when you meet them. You could also give them to friends to pass them along when they meet someone who works in a law firm.

Talk to your professors and administrators in the institution as they are likely to know someone in the industry.

Ask your employed friends how they were able to get an interview. This will give you a good idea of where to start or who to contact to help you land your dream job.


You don't need to be scared after graduation. There are some little things that you could do to land your dream career. If you keep trying, you are bound to find something that is perfect for you.